What is so special about Murano Glass?
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What is so special about Murano Glass?


What is so special about Murano Glass?

Murano Glass is so very special because it is an art form that has existed on Murano Island in Venice, Italy for almost a thousand years. It is handmade by highly skilled master artisans. Each item created is a work of art. Displaying an object of Murano Glass in one’s home signifies not only good taste but something bigger. It is being part of a long Venetian tradition.

Although glass making had been practiced in Venice from at least the 8th century, it was during the 1,200s that Murano Glass became one of the Venetian Republic’s key industries when all glass-making factories were moved from Venice to Murano in 1291. Shortly afterwards, the glass became famous and popular far beyond the shores of the Venetian Republic. It was favored by monarchs, nobility, and merchants for its radiance, translucency, and feather-light weight.

In the beginning, Murano Glass was simply a craft that required skilled hands and involved a repeatable process. The glass was utilitarian and made for regular use. Today Murano Glass is a recognized art form. Many Murano master glassmakers have made names for themselves in the art world by being bold and daring. They understand emerging art trends in glass form and sometimes collaborate with other artists across the art spectrum. World-famous last names such as Salviati, Toso, Barovier, Zecchin, Capellin, Seguso, Scarpa, Bianconi, Martinuzzi, Barbini, Zanetti, and Rosin, are well-known and well-respected in the art world.

UNESCO has recognized that this art form is a vanishing craft. As such, the agency granted Murano a special protection, deeming that the glass is an important part of the development of humanity and an important part of the world’s heritage. Objects of Murano Glass are made in small factories and workshops on Murano island entirely by hand. The glassmaking process has changed little over the centuries and the master glassmaker uses only very basic tools to create Venetian glassware.

A piece of Murano Glass elevates design in any home.

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