This Week it’s All About CES
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This Week it’s All About CES


This Week it’s All About CES

CES® (Consumer Electronics Show) is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. It is where the world’s biggest brands do business, the sharpest innovators are on display, and the public is allowed to roam convention spaces and witness for themselves the most current (and often breakthrough) technology.

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES features every aspect of the tech sector. This year, and over 2,400 exhibitors, representing 166 countries, territories & regions will be displaying their products.

Although there is always a mystery surrounding what will be featured at CES® there are categories that are tried and true. 3D printing and 5G technologies, artificial intelligence, car audio and vehicle features, cloud/computing data, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, healthcare and energy, entertainment and lifestyle, gaming and Esports, smart homes and manufacturing all play a big role. Multiple major companies have already confirmed they’ll be present at CES® 2023, including Google, Microsoft, LG, Sony, Qualcomm, Samsung, and plenty more. The conventions will kick off with both the ‘Tech Trends to Watch’ and ‘CES Unveiled’ events, offering an early look at upcoming gadgets. On January 5th, the public will be able to access the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) to visit all of the exhibitions on show.

All of the upcoming CES® 2023 announcements are currently confidential, so we don’t know for certain what will be unveiled just yet. But there are plenty of excited rumors on what gadgets could feature.

The first rumor is that it looks like the convention will have a healthy focus on computing products. Nvidia and AMD have both confirmed they’ll be attending CES, as the companies are expected to unveil more graphics cards as part of the new RTX 4000 and RDNA 3 generations. It is also rumored that AMD and Intel will be showing off new processors, both for desktops and laptops. If this rumor is true, these announcements will trigger a big domino effect in the laptop space, with companies such as Acer, Asus, HP, Dell and Lenovo launching new portables powered by the cutting-edge specs. A final rumor is that there will be a big push on 8K TVs from the likes of LG and Samsung. There has been a big focus on bendable screens in 2022, so it is almost certain that the industry (and public) will get their first looks at tech improvements made over the past year.

One participant that has not been as hush-hush as other is Reddit. It is gearing up for its first ever CES® activation, with plans to release new research. They will also be hosting installations at the event to display current and predict future trends. The Reddit Community Crystal Ball will be a digital art installation that, with the push of a button, showcases ideas and predictions around the future of sectors such as gaming, tech and transportation from Reddit’s leading communities on those topics. Reddit will also be showcasing the Read Your Communi-Tea Leaves: — a tea bar that showcases key vertical-focused conversations and threads on Reddit—from media and entertainment to Web3—that are driving opinions and culture, demonstrating the origins of these trends within Reddit communities and helping marketers predict what’s coming next. Reddit is doing so as nearly one-half of Redditors identify as tech enthusiasts with 45% of them considering themselves early adopters. Reddit said its research shows that Redditors believe the future is closer than it seems, and that divisive concepts and innovations such as biometrics-driven technology, drones and the metaverse are here to stay.

Although CES® can be hit or miss for exhibitors – more fail than succeed – it is an important look for everyone in terms of where tech is headed. It is the pulse of the industry. And many have succeeded such as Impossible Foods and Zero Mass Water.

Impossible Foods (Impossible Hamburger), the creator of fully plant-based meat and dairy products was featured as a standout company of CES® 2019. The company handed out more than 12,000 sliders from their food truck – while speaking of how technology has made their line possible – and garnered tons of media attention which helped them launch into the stratosphere. Likewise, Zero Mass Water was a darling of CES®2020 securing new partnerships and unprecedented media coverage. Now, deploying its its hydropanel technology at scale globally, the company is able to provide a clean, sustainable and resilient community drinking water solution.

Everyone is waiting to see if there are any major announcements or displays of un-before seen tech. Excitement is in the air. And here at John Eric Home we will be watching!

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