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Seven Small Changes That Make a Big Impact

Seven Small Changes That Make a Big Impact

So, you want a refresh but have no interest in a renovation? You’re not alone. The best way is to make small changes that update and change the mood of your interior design. No wallet busters. No ripping out walls. No professional contractors involved. This list of seven quick and inexpensive changes are an easy way to change your vibe without breaking the bank.

  • Change your switch plates. Switch plates are generally white or neutral. Swap them out for a more bold color or for ones with a design. A tiny inexpensive change that will make a difference.
  • Change your lighting. Swapping out lighting makes a huge difference. You would be amazed by how a few new lamps – complete with soft white bulbs – alters the overall feel to your room.  
  • Line your shelves and bookcases with wallpaper. As an accent, wallpaper works wonders. It is also easy. Line the back of your bookshelves of the inside of a small cabinet to give your space a new look. It is also very low on the risk threshold.
  • Add or change out window treatments. By adding simple curtain panels or roman shades, a room will instantly become warmer. Or by changing out the color or pattern of already existing curtains or drapes – it becomes a whole new space.
  • Add pops of color or metallic detailing. Pops of color will make your spaces more interesting. Not into color? Go metallic. It’s hard to beat the shimmer of a little bit of gold or silver at home.
  • Change out faucets. It’s easier than ever to find beautiful faucets that you can use to upgrade your bath and kitchen sinks. You will love this simple, practical, and inexpensive way to freshen up your space.             
  • Fill a room with a signature fragrance. It’s incredible how much this can transform your home. Luxury hotels select a key scent to have throughout, which then becomes associated with that place – adopt this by choosing your own signature smell for home, to engage the scenes.