Mixology: Old Friends
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Mixology: Old Friends


Mixology: Old Friends

By Charles M Tappen, Jr

John Eric Home Magazine

October 2023

Day of the Dead has become more than just a local cultural tradition. Pictures, presents, flowers and offerings of food and drink adorn celebratory sites throughout the world. One of the most common offerings in Mexico, Tequila, makes a great spirit of choice to sip and reminisce about friends and family past. Here, anejo (old) tequila sets the tone of conversation. The barrel aging of the highland Olmeca Altos anejo brings forth notes of vanilla, citrus and baking spice, an incredible recipe for a seasonal starting point. Apple brandy becomes a stellar accomplice of the light floral flavors that come from both a highland tequila and agave spirit made with the traditional Tahona method. Rounding the cocktail out, some finishing touches of honey syrup and orange bitters are added, just like an old friend adding in a few “forgotten” pieces of a family memory.  This holiday season, celebrate Day of the Dead and raise a glass to good memories, and “Old Friends” and family.


Rocks Glass


1.5 oz. Olmeca Altos Anejo

.5 oz. Apple Brandy

.25 oz. Honey Syrup

3 Dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters

Garnish:  Orange peel


Stirred – Strain over ice into a rocks glass

*Honey Syrup:  Combine equal parts honey and hot water and stir till fully mixed.

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