Meet Your Community: Great Falls
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Meet Your Community: Great Falls


Meet Your Community: Great Falls

Nestled along the scenic state Route 7, also known as Leesburg Pike, lies the enchanting enclave of Great Falls, a mere 15 miles away from the bustling heart of Washington, D.C. While it might be recognized as a bedroom community, Great Falls possesses a distinct personality and identity that set it apart.

Enveloped by sweeping landscapes, majestic estates, and verdant parks that offer captivating views of the Potomac River, Great Falls emanates an undeniable greatness. The community boasts a collection of elegant homes, predominantly designed with colonial or Federal-inspired architecture, harmoniously blending with the native trees and untouched beauty of Virginia’s natural surroundings. Within these well-manicured subdivisions, the allure of resort-style living beckons, with opulent estate homes featuring luxuries such as expansive swimming pools and private tennis courts. Prospective homeowners have the opportunity to choose from grand five-plus bedroom residences situated on generous lots ranging from half an acre to over five acres in size.

This ariel photo shows how large and private lots typically are in Great Falls.

Within this realm, fixer-uppers and modest dwellings are a rarity, as most homes proudly date back to the mid-1990s or 2000s, boasting sprawling floor plans adorned with the latest in appliances and fixtures. The privilege of residing in this extraordinary locale comes at a cost, with homes fetching around the million-dollar mark. The pinnacle of luxury in Great Falls can be found in homes approaching a remarkable five million dollars, while a splendid Cape Cod-style residence typically lists for approximately three million dollars. For those seeking a touch of history and character, some midcentury and ranch-style abodes from the late 1960s are attainable for slightly over one million dollars.

At the heart of Great Falls lies the illustrious Great Falls Park, aptly named for its breathtaking vantage point overlooking the Potomac River’s dynamic rapids and cascading waterfalls. A sprawling expanse encompassing 800 acres, the park offers a mosaic of over 15 miles of hiking trails, each inviting adventurers to choose between picturesque pathways or more rugged routes. Equestrians too find their haven, with around five miles of dedicated horseback riding trails meandering through the landscape.

Great Falls at sunset

A short distance away, the splendor of Great Falls Park seamlessly merges with the allure of Riverbend Park. This stretch along the Potomac River invites adults to explore hiking, biking, kayaking, and canoeing, while the younger members of the community engage in captivating activities like geocaching, archery, and fishing. The innovative Children’s Forest Preschool program even offers youngsters the chance to learn while immersed in nature.

Venturing further within the northwest precinct of Great Falls, the sprawling 500-acre Seneca Regional Park beckons, allowing visitors to retrace the steps of none other than George Washington himself. Amongst the trails lie remnants of the Patowmack Canal, a remarkable testament to Washington’s vision, constructed in the late 1700s to navigate the mighty river.

Fostering a true sense of community, the Celebrate Great Falls Foundation, a dedicated nonprofit, orchestrates a tapestry of seasonal holiday festivities, fundraisers, and enthralling concerts. This organization warmly welcomes new residents with thoughtful goodie bags, fostering a small-town ambiance within this unique locale.

Great Falls doesn’t merely offer breathtaking landscapes and luxurious living; it extends an educational haven with institutions like Great Falls Elementary School. This magnet school, catering to kindergarteners through sixth graders, garners an esteemed A grade from Niche. Enriching literary programs and poetry workshops are offered to students in the third through sixth grades, setting the stage for a vibrant educational journey.

The culinary scene in Great Falls is equally enchanting, with exquisite fine-dining establishments that attract both locals and day-trippers from D.C. The Old Brogue, an inviting Irish Pub exuding vintage charm, becomes a stage for open mic nights, live music performances, and engaging trivia events. L’Auberge Chez Francois, adorned with French elegance and lush organic kitchen gardens, stands as a beacon of destination dining. Accompanying this is Jacques Brasserie, offering the same Alsatian-inspired cuisine in a more relaxed bistro setting. For those craving a taste of Afghanistan, Zamarod captivates with its exquisite menu featuring kabobs, challow rice dishes, and the enticing allure of cardamom ice cream.

Meeting everyday needs, The Village Centre shopping mall along Georgetown Pike plays host to familiar favorites such as Safeway and Starbucks, effortlessly weaving convenience into the fabric of this captivating community.

In the tapestry of Great Falls, history, nature, and luxury living converge, creating a realm that beckons those in search of the extraordinary. With its storied past, breathtaking landscapes, and a commitment to fostering a sense of belonging, Great Falls stands as a testament to the allure of a life well-lived.