Meet your Community:  Cherrydale Neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia
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Meet your Community:  Cherrydale Neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia


Meet your Community:  Cherrydale Neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia

Situated in the heart of northern Arlington, Cherrydale is a delightful neighborhood that stands out for its rich history and small-town ambiance. Its serene streets are adorned with majestic old trees and well-maintained single-family homes, many of which are historic bungalows dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Notably, it is home to the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire House, a notable establishment constructed in 1919, which once housed Arlington’s first volunteer fire department. The community’s volunteer fire department contributed vitally to recovery efforts after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon by lighting the roof from the air.

Cherrydale revolves around a bustling intersection known as the Five Points, where Quincy Street, Military Road, Old Dominion Road, and Langston Blvd come together. While there are a few townhomes, a senior apartment building, and a couple of large condo/apartment complexes, the community is predominantly comprised of single-family homes.  family buildings, a park, meeting halls, churches, and commercial establishments. Architectural styles found in the neighborhood encompass Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Italianate, Gothic Revival, Art Deco, Craftsman, Tudor Revival, Classical Revival, Spanish Revival, and Moderne. The earliest houses date back to the late 19th century and the 1910s, showcasing distinct architectural elements typical of the late Victorian era, such as multi-gabled roofs, wrap-around porches, stained glass windows, projecting bays, and asymmetrical designs. Newer construction tends towards contemporary farmhouse and modern designs over traditional colonial styles.

In Cherrydale, the bungalow style of architecture was particularly popular. Its rise in popularity was partly due to the availability and appeal of prefabricated kit houses, which could be ordered by mail. One of the most prominent mail-order companies during that era was Sears, Roebuck and Company. Given Cherrydale’s convenient proximity to several Washington and Old Dominion Railway stops, mail-order houses could be conveniently delivered to the community.  For instance, one Craftsman-style bungalow located on N Stafford Street is identified as a Sears, Roebuck and Company mail-order house. In 1929, it was purchased by Charles and Ethel Taylor for $1,460. The model they chose, known as “Sunlight,” featured five rooms and a bath, a wide front porch with a hipped roof, exposed rafter ends, and a glazed front door. It has been updated and renovated along the way, with the finished product likely to sell for over $1 Million.

Businesses in Cherrydale were primarily concentrated along Lee Highway and Old Dominion Drive. Notable commercial buildings with historical significance include the Cherrydale Hardware Store (1936), the Cherrydale Cement Block Company (1935), and the Family Tea House (1946).  The Cherrydale Historic District encompasses a total of 887 properties within its boundaries. This includes 829 single-family residences, 27 multi-unit dwellings, four churches, a school, 22 commercial buildings, two service stations, a fire station, and a meeting hall.

Things to do in Cherrydale

Like all of Arlington, Cherrydale has greenspace, a heavy tree canopy, and lots of park space for your kids or pets.  Oakgrove definitely dominates the Cherrydale district, but there are many park options including:

Restaurants and Shopping near Cherrydale

Cherrydale has many nearby restaurants and shopping opportunities just a short drive away.  Clarendon, with it’s metro station and plentiful restaurant and shopping choices is only a few miles away.  Wilson Blvd and it’s extensive commercial district is located the opposite direction, with it’s Virginia Sq and Ballston Metro stations. 

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