Meet your community: Lyon Park, Lyon Village, Ashton Heights
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Meet your community: Lyon Park, Lyon Village, Ashton Heights


Meet your community: Lyon Park, Lyon Village, Ashton Heights

If you like charm, walkability, and excellent city access, you’ll love Lyon Park, Lyon Village, and Ashton Heights. These three communities in the heart of north Arlington all share a sense of aesthetic with a blend of traditional craftsman homes that are transitioning to new construction with more modern designs. While mostly single family homes with a sprinkling of luxury townhomes and condominiums, Arlington’s new missing-in-the-middle guidelines that might be changing over time as new construction can be expanded into multi-unit homes.

These homes are typically $1 Million and above, with a larger new construction home reaching up to $4 Million. Lots in this area are more compact, with most of these single-family homes on lots that are 4,000 sqft to 10,000 sqft. Lyon Park also features a community center, and all areas of Arlington feature well-maintained park space for families and pets alike.

Original homes in Lyon Park, Lyon Village, and Ashton Heights

The original homes in these neighborhoods are traditional, with craftsman and colonial styles predominant. There is a lot of personality in these homes that were built starting in 1922, with most completed in the 1950s. Now you’ll see these homes still in use nearly a century later, with additions and “pop-tops”, often with secondary buildings like garages or sheds added as zoning regulations have changed. Most of these homes were updated over the years and feature luxury amenities you don’t expect to see in many homes this age. These homes are casually interspersed with more contemporary styles, lending an eclectic air to most streets.

New Construction Homes

If you’ve driven through Arlington, you’ve seen some interesting new homes being built. The new construction homes don’t all stand out like a sore thumb! Some builders work to help a home blend into the neighborhood, but usually, newer construction homes are larger and feature top-of-the-line features and fixtures – at a top-of-the-line price.

Parks and Recreation

Why do we love Lyon Park, Lyon Village, and Ashton Heights? From the broad-ranging aesthetic to the tree-lined streets, it’s hard to put it into words. Sometimes you just have to stroll down the street and see how it feels. These urban villages are conducive to living your best life – see why you will love it here!

Curious about what homes have sold in the last year in this area? Check out our public collection here:–lyon-village–ashton-heights?agent_id=5b15a2934790182bad046bf7