John’s Favorites – Fall 2023
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John’s Favorites – Fall 2023


John’s Favorites – Fall 2023

What are John picks for the holiday season? Check them out.

1. The Halkin Hotel – London – It’s one of my preferred places to stay when visiting London. The hotel is exquisite and conveniently located in Belgravia, situated near Buckingham Palace. It offers easy access to the vibrant neighborhoods of Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, and Soho. The area is also renowned for its fantastic shopping and dining options. Additionally, you can enjoy a leisurely walk through nearby Hyde Park. 

2. Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel – Montecito/Santa Barbara – California boasts an American Riviera that rivals its European counterpart, and within this enchanting state, Santa Barbara stands as the ultimate gem. Situated within the exclusive enclave of Montecito, this property exudes sheer magnificence. A sojourn here is an experience well worth embracing as you explore and savor all that Santa Barbara has to offer.   

3. Burberry – Burberry has unveiled an entire collection in captivating shades of blue for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. As someone with an unwavering affection for the color blue, I find myself absolutely thrilled by this new lineup. Among the exquisite pieces, the one that stands as an essential addition for all is their latest creation: the Cashmere Reversible Scarf in the elegant “Knight” hue. 

4. Red, White & Royal Blue (The Movie) – It’s the gay rom-com we all needed. It breaks so much ground in so many ways and should be a must-watch. I’ve watched it too many times to count. Nicolas Galitzine (Prince Henry) and Taylor Zakar Perez (the President’s son, Alex Claremont Diaz) are perfect. Their chemistry melts your TV. Catch in on Amazon Prime.

5. Red, White & Royal Blue  (The Book) – Reading the book is essential, going beyond merely watching the movie. In typical Hollywood fashion, the film adaptation has taken creative liberties, omitting significant aspects from the original story. Delving into the book is a must to grasp the genuine and complete love story between these two men.

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