John Eric Home Launches New Website
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John Eric Home Launches New Website


John Eric Home Launches New Website

Eleven years in the making and finely crafted to perfection, John Eric Home has unveiled the exquisite culmination: the official launch of the John Eric Home Magazine website in August 2023.

“Elegance and luxury converge on this digital platform,” says John Eric, publisher, “where you’ll discover a curated collection of remarkable articles and features embracing your most cherished lifestyle domains. Every facet of refinement is at your fingertips, from culinary artistry to jet-setting adventures, wellness revelations, and insights into finance and real estate.

John Eric Home has been synonymous with quality for over a decade, having embarked on this journey in 2012. A legacy of exceptional features, woven together by industry virtuosos, has earned us prestigious national accolades.

John Eric Home is a Washington, DC based lifestyle magazine that features guest contributors who are leaders in their industries and regular features which cover the gambit of lifestyle themes. The publication has won numerous national awards and was first published in September 2012. For more information and to subscribe for magazine updates, please visit, your gateway to the world of refined living.

From regular features like Mixology with long-time contributor Charles Tappen to Style and Design advice from professional designer, John Eric Home has something for you every issue. Subscribe to receive updates as they are added to the website!