Interior Designer Launches Textile Resort Collection
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Interior Designer Launches Textile Resort Collection


Interior Designer Launches Textile Resort Collection

Versatile in application, Marika Meyer Textiles for the home are now available on a luxury sleepwear line

By Sherry Moeller

Model Photos by Bob Narod

Textile Photos Courtesy of Marika Meyer Textiles

Almost ten years after Marika Meyer started Marika Meyer Interiors in 2007, she launched Marika Meyer Textiles, which is a combination of her passion for painting and her desire to create fabrics that can serve as the foundation for a room. Now, Meyer has partnered with The Sleep Shirt for an exclusive luxury sleepwear collection – a collaboration between two women-owned small businesses. The Sleep Shirt’s timeless styles pair perfectly with Meyer’s classic textiles to form ethically made sleep and lounge garments that are ready for everyday wear, as well as winter getaways. Versatile in application, Marika Meyer Textiles, which are used in home decor applications, such as draperies and pillows, are now offered on this limited run resort line.

Model Photos by Bob Narod

Launched in December 2022, the collection includes two patterns, Laurel Leaf and Roman Fig, from Meyer’s first collection, the Sterrett Collection. It was named after her great-great grandfather, JR Sitlington Sterrett, a professor at Cornell University and an expert on all things Greek. He has influenced her family through the years; in fact, his wife Marika is Meyer’s namesake. Especially rewarding to the designer is the chance to revisit the two patterns from the early days of her brand and see them on classic shapes by The Sleep Shirt.

Laurel Leaf, which is her most recognizable pattern from the first collection, features delicate, coral-toned leaves inspired by the decoration on a 19th century side chair. She calls this color Blush, which is only available on the sleepwear. As a perfect complement to Laurel Leaf, Meyer selected Roman Fig in Iceberg for the second option. This all-over pattern is denser and a lovely alternative for women who prefer a piece that is more saturated with color. Roman Fig resembles the intricately carved detail of a Roman temple pediment.

The shift from designing textiles for home items to sleepwear was exciting for Meyer. “It was fun to shift our thought process from patterns that suit your home to understanding what women want to wear,” she says. “We aimed for classic colors and patterns in shades of blush and blue, as well as ones that are flattering for women.”

The two patterns in two colors are on The Sleep Shirt’s iconic styles, including the Classic Shirt, Long Sleep Shirt, Sleeveless Nightie, Classic Kaftan, Robe, and Lounge Pant. Made from 55% linen and 45% cotton, the sleepwear’s prices range from $130 to $340 and the inclusive sizing ranges from XS to XXXL. The items are sold online at A few pieces will be on display at Evars Collective to-the-trade showroom in San Carlos, California, as well as Meyer’s Bethesda, Maryland studio. Meyer is especially smitten with the kaftan, which she plans to wear on an upcoming trip to Hawaii. She’s also ordered the robe, which will come in handy for late night checks on her two young sons.

Meyer’s newest textile collection will launch early this year and will include a variety of scaled patterns including one that she has been working on for years. “This upcoming collection is fun and fresh,” says Meyer. To create her textiles, she draws on a lifelong love of classical architecture and antiquities and her study of cultural anthropology. “I was inspired by my family’s appreciation of the classics and iconic elements of design, so Marika Meyer Textiles is an opportunity to turn years of collected imagery into prints in bold, classic colors,” Meyer adds.

Marika Meyer Textiles are on display at to-the-trade showrooms across the US, including: RUE IV in Washington, DC; CLK Collective in New England; Temple Studio in New York, New York; Kilkenny Collections in Wayne, Pennsylvania; Fritz Porter in Charleston, South Carolina; Hive Trade Showroom in West Palm Beach, Florida; The Lot Showroom in Nashville, Tennessee; Sarah Boardman-Miller in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Evars Collective in San Carlos, California. The textiles are also at Meyer’s Bethesda, Maryland studio.

Model Photos by Bob Narod

The interior and textile designer also recently launched a new website,, which brings all her products and services together under one brand. Her interior design team works on projects across the country, with current projects in New York, Florida, Wisconsin, and Hawaii. Because her textiles and rugs are also sold nationally, Meyer wanted to have the various arms of her business on one cohesive website.

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