Helpful Steps for an Organized Home
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Helpful Steps for an Organized Home


Helpful Steps for an Organized Home

Organizing your home can be cathartic. Putting everything away exactly where it belongs, being able to find everything more simply, and decluttering definitely makes us feel better. After we have sorted, pitched, and placed, we definitely feel as if we have been very productive too. And, we have.

Time to organize your space? Use these simple tips…

Decant. Everything.

We all know that storing items in plastics is not good for us. So, it’s time to decant. Grains, legumes, spices, pasta, sugars – they can all be stored in glass bottles. Even better, there’s nothing like opening up a cabinet to see all of your essentials in neatly aligned mason jars. Go the extra mile and throw yourself a label-making party.

Time to fold.

Murphy beds are really ahead of the home organization/space- saving curve—especially ones that incorporate shelving and cabinetry. They optimize floor space and are perfect for any home. Pair the Murphy with a fold-up desk. Just like a Murphy bed, this desk can be hidden away. The small surface will motivate you to stay organized and not let too much work pile up.

Hang what you can and tack on a sideboard.

You’ve seen pots and pans hanging in kitchens to conserve space. Organizing your more visually appealing cutting boards on your wall is another great way to clear up coveted countertops. Add a roll-away sideboard to the mix, and you will have provided even more space to your cooking area.

Take advantage of hard-to-reach spots and use your windowsills.

Every house has them. Those spots that are hard-to-reach, use up valuable space, and have zero aesthetic value. A great way to use the space is to line them with bottles or decorative objects for a whimsical and unexpected vibe. Also, an often-overlooked organization-approved surface, windowsills make the perfect countertop for all types of items. Plants, photo frames, books, art, the list goes on and on.

Back to the jars.

Right back to where we started. Jars, jars, and more jars. They are the best organization hack ever. Don’t just leave them in the pantry with your legumes, move them throughout the house. There’s a jar for every occasion. In the bathroom – Q-tips, cotton balls, and other bathroom necessities. In the home office – paperclips, staples, pens, and pencils. In the living room – well, you get it…