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Festive Feasts - Quick Tips for Creating a Dining Room Ready for Entertaining


Festive Feasts - Quick Tips for Creating a Dining Room Ready for Entertaining

While there are tried-and-true ways for making a dining room feel cozy, such as mixing warm lighting, soft chairs and inviting walls, according to Tracy Morris of Tracy Morris Design, there are also quick tips for creating a festive dining atmosphere when gathering with family and friends during the holidays.

Tracy, along with Kelley Proxmire of Kelley Proxmire, Inc. and Michael Winn of Winn Design + Build, offer some easy ways, and share a few favorite photos, to make the holiday meal extra special.

From Tracy Morris, Tracy Morris Design,

  • Here is any easy trick to make your room “aglow” for a festive table. If you have extra champagne flutes, wine glasses or coupe glasses (you know, the ones at the back of the cabinet), add a bit of water, a spring of pine, and a tea light. Place these additional “glow lights” on your table and watch your guests ooh and aah over this simple trick.
  • When you are making a centerpiece for a dining table, nine times out of 10 it is better to have a lower arrangement. Reason being, you can easily talk to your guests without having to look through the centerpiece. To create a “wow” centerpiece, go to your local hardware store and purchase a loop of Frasier fur garland. Cut it open, weave it through your dishes on the table and add votives. It’s such a simple way to add a bit of sparkle to your table.
  • Another simple way to spruce up your holiday table is to place pine sprigs in a bucket – a champagne bucket that is. During the holidays, if my table, bar or countertop is looking blah, I take a champagne bucket and fill it with sprigs of pine and holly. Not only does it look great, but it smells even better!

From Kelley Proxmire, Kelley Proxmire, Inc.,

  • For a decorative touch at each place setting, add fun napkin rings, such as ones with red sleds or a shiny gold finish, around monogrammed or even seasonal cocktail napkins.
  • Place white vases with greenery and berries at each guest’s place setting.
  • Keep the centerpiece lower on the table and include beeswax candles.
  • Add festive pillows along the back of each chair.

From Michael Winn, Winn Design + Build,

  • To create a festive dining room, hang fresh, unadorned wreaths on the windows.
  • Place seasonal fruit in the center in a decorative bowl.
  • Display vintage candlesticks with coordinating candles, along with heirloom silverware.
  • Consider adding a special gift for guests at place settings.

As published in John Eric Home magazine. Click the link to read more great holiday related articles…