Don’t Make These Garage Remodeling Mistakes!
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Don’t Make These Garage Remodeling Mistakes!


Don’t Make These Garage Remodeling Mistakes!

Winter is on the horizon, and it’s always a good idea to organize or remodel those spaces outside of your warm and cozy home before it gets too cold. The garage is one such space.

There are many reasons for a garage makeover. Storage. Organization. Additional space. Sounds like a good idea to undertake a remodel, right?

If you do want to spruce up your garage, expertise is required to have your “new” garage function both safely and effectively while providing a new aesthetic look. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid during a garage renovation project.

Epoxy Garage Floor

Don’t choose an inferior garage floor coating.

When it comes to options for repairing and restoring garage floors, a lot of homeowners opt for a cheap fix like garage floor paint. Sure, it’s inexpensive and easy to apply yourself, but floor paint will not look good or last. It also offers your floor no protection. It will chip and flake as the main occupier of the garage – your car – will inflict damage.

Another option that sounds good but in the long run is ineffective is a DIY epoxy garage flooring kit. Store bought epoxy coatings, like paint, offer a limited amount of floor protection. Plus, the coating can come out clumpy and not smooth when applied.

The best option for the floor is to contract a professional who can apply a polyaspartic floor coating. It is durable and protective.

Don’t use it to create an extra living space.

It makes sense to try and use your garage as an extra room. But make sure to check if your local jurisdiction allows you to do so. You may have a permitting nightmare. Not only that, turning it into an extra living space on its own will greatly impact the re-sale value of your home. One of the main features buyers look for when purchasing a home is an attached garage.

Converting a garage into an additional room may have consequences – legally and market value wise.

Durable cabinets with wall storage

Don’t buy cheap cabinets.

The adage is true “you get what you pay for,” and while you can use cheaper materials on the inside of your home, the garage is its own beast. Temperatures and humidity levels in garage spaces are more difficult to stabilize. Very rarely are garages built as “livable spaces,” so temperature controls aren’t put in place by developers and home builders. That means outside weather plays a big part in the atmosphere of a garage as does the car itself when cooling off. What does this mean? Functional issues like drawers and doors not closing smoothly will manifest. Doors and cabinetry enclosures will begin to sag and lose their proper form. And rust – yes rust – will pop up. Especially in geographic areas with high levels of humidity.

Don’t not use walls and ceilings.

What is worse than doing a full garage remodel only in the end to realize that it didn’t provide you with enough storage space? A poorly planned garage remodel can result in all your storage systems being installed, but not enough room for functionality. 

It won’t take you long to roughly sketch out the space focusing on your storage needs and how and where they will fit. It is highly recommended to do so. Make sure to concentrate on the two most underutilized areas – the walls and overhead space – to maximize your potential. Research slatwall panels and specialty storage racks to see which work the best for you. If you take advantage of the walls and overhead space, clutter can magically disappear and provide you with much more room.

Don’t create safety risks.

There are a lot of non-aesthetic concerns when undertaking a garage remodel. There are serious safety issues at play. Electrical work will be required (especially if a new garage door is in the mix) and storage systems need to be hung and anchored for weight. Neglecting either of these concerns can be dangerous.

If you are installing a new garage door in your remodel, safety issues again raise their head. Garage doors open and close on average five times per day, so they must be properly installed to handle heavy use. The garage door springs will need to be adjusted which can dangerous work as well. It is always best to hire a company that is expert in garage door installation for this part of a garage renovation.

Having a garage that’s highly functional should go hand in hand with a space that also looks amazing. If you plan accordingly and avoid the most common mistakes, your garage renovation will be flawless.