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DIY Spa – How to Give Yourself a Spa Experience from the Comfort of Your Home


DIY Spa – How to Give Yourself a Spa Experience from the Comfort of Your Home

Who doesn’t love a spa day? The pampering. The relaxation. The overall sense of well-being. But with active schedules, sometimes it is difficult to get away. Thing is – you don’t have to cram in an appointment, spend a chunk of change, and drive to-and-fro (especially the fro as sitting in traffic can evaporate that feeling of pure contentment) to enjoy a spa day. How? Give yourself a DIY spa treatment!

First Things First – Preparation is the Name of the Game

The single most important thing for creating a home spa day is preparation. When you visit a luxury spa, everything is designed to keep interruptions at a minimum for continuous relaxation from one service to the next. Taking the time to ensure you have what you’ll need beforehand allows you to be in the moment and make this at spa day at home all about you.

Commit to a time. Be conscious (and truthful) of a time when you know you will not be disturbed with work or other obligations. Add the day to your calendar, like you would a spa appointment. (A commitment for some much-needed selfcare.)

Make a list of everything that you will need, including candles (and matches), skincare products (and towels), refreshments (and napkins). Seriously go all-in. Make it as relaxing – and easy – as it can be.

Next – Setting it Up

Think back to your last experience at a luxury spa. Remember that sense of relaxation that enveloped you the moment you arrived? The gorgeous scents? The gentle music? The beautiful design that drew you in? You can create that same atmosphere (or a near facsimile) at home with these simple steps…

Create a relaxation room. Many believe that to enjoy a home spa treatment, you must be relegated to the bathroom. Au contraire people! Try utilizing your bedroom as the principal area to prepare your mind and body.

Bring in a tray of snacks – a small bowl of nuts, a pitcher of cucumber water, small pieces of chocolate. Lay out your robe, slippers, eye mask, and neck pillow on the bed. Light candles to fill your space with therapeutic scents. Lavender to calm, chamomile to refocus, and cedarwood to ground and promote connectedness. (A few drops of these essential oils combined with a carrier oil will give you a fuller effect. Place a few drops into the palm of your hands, and then cup your hands over your nose and inhale deeply several times. Don’t overdo it though and use too much!) Finally, choose your groove and set the mood. The right music can set your mind at ease and help drown out any noise that may be happening around you. There are several spa playlists that can be found on Spotify or other favorite streaming apps. If you’d prefer to imagine you’re on a beach somewhere, try utilizing a sound machine or sleep sounds app for some tranquil ocean waves.

And Now it’s Time to Relax

Once the robe is on, the candles are lit, the music is playing, it’s time begin your spa experience. Enjoy your favorite glass of sparkling wine (or sparkling grape juice). Add a couple of raspberries or other fruit of choice to add a touch of elegance. Sit while enjoying the drink in peace and comfort. Let your thoughts drift away. Smell the scents, hear the gentle music.

Of course, the big draw of going to a spa is a superior massage. However, it’s important to not try and massage yourself. When you give yourself a massage, it’s impossible to completely unwind. Your brain has to actively calculate your next movement, and your body has to perform the movement. That means, no matter how hard you try, you won’t truly reach a deep state of relaxation. In effect, you will ruin all of the relaxation that you have achieved to this point.

There are three solutions to this problem. The first is to contact a mobile masseuse company. You can schedule an appointment for an at home massage to be performed in your home. The second is to purchase an at home spa product – such as a heated full body massage mat like those at Sharper Image or a massager from the range available from HoMedics. If you do that, of course, it can be used each time you treat yourself to a home spa day. The third is to skip the massage and go directly for a skin treatment…

Oh, skin treatments. They are amazing and always make you feel good – regardless of whether they follow a massage or not. To start yours, gently rub an exfoliator over your skin and massage oil into your hair. Once finished, head into the shower and rinse off. Let the steam engulf you, the heat release you, and the dropping water relax you. Afterwards, towel off and liberally apply body oil or lotion to give you that luxurious feel. If you have the time (and the products) treat yourself to a home facial too. When finished, wrap yourself in your robe and head back to your relaxation room.

If Only it Could Last Longer

Whether you are visiting a luxury spa or have turned your bedroom/bathroom into a space that is luxury spa-like, it is incredibly important to stay hydrated. Nearing the end of your DIY treatment(s), make sure to imbibe a fresh fruit fusion. Add strawberries, lemon, and mint to your water for a refreshingly citrus drink.

While sipping the water, use the remaining time to complete your relaxation. Perhaps it is meditating. Or reading a book. Possibly just closing your eyes and drifting away. When you drift back again you will have a sense of groundedness. Of well-being. And doing a DIY home massage means that the feeling will last longer. After all, there will not be traffic to fight on your way home.