Defining Luxury
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Defining Luxury


Defining Luxury

By Sherry Moeller

Photos by Greg Powers and Jennifer Hughes

Tracy Morris of Tracy Morris Design shares trade secrets for creating luxurious spaces

Tracy Morris Design photo by Jennifer Hughes

Making spaces luxurious, but also livable is the hallmark of Tracy Morris Design, Maybe it’s something simple like the calming fragrance of a candle or a personalized coaster on your bedside table; these small, but thoughtful items can make all the difference. Tracy Morris shares tips for adding touches of luxury while also making spaces comfortable for you, your family, and guests.

How do you add elements of luxury to a space? Suggest a few luxury items, such as throws, pillows, accessories and where to purchase them, that elevate a space.

Luxury for your home can be added in many ways. Of course, you can add beautiful throws, pillows, and candles to your space. It always feels luxurious to light a great smelling candle and cuddle up with a soft throw; however, luxury can come in the form of conveniences as well. This can be achieved by adding a wood tray to your great room table to have a place to set a book or having a beautiful set of coasters for guests to set down drinks. Other ways to add luxury include adding a soft rug to your bathroom instead of using a small bathmat or switching out your day-to-day kitchen items with bespoke pieces. Really, adding items to your space that help save you time and energy is the ultimate luxury. 

Here are two local Virginia stores that are my favorite places to purchase luxury goods: Le Village Marche in Shirlington, Virginia,, and Kellogg Collection in McLean, Virginia,, with additional locations throughout the DC region. One of my favorite stores in the country to purchase luxury goods is The Primary Essentials in Brooklyn, New York,  Their ceramic goods are just the best!

How do you make a living room feel luxurious and livable? What types of fabrics and finishes achieve this look?

For me, a space feels luxurious when it is usable. We have all experienced spaces that are gorgeous, but delicate. You are in awe of the amazing pieces, but don’t want to touch anything or sit down. Luxury does not have to equal overly precious. We make spaces luxurious, yet livable with our fabric and finish selections. 

First, use fabrics that are indoor/outdoor rated like Perennials. Second, use finishes that are beautiful tones, but have protective finishes. This way, if someone puts a glass down or drags something across your space, you don’t have to panic. Last, use rugs that are soft, but impervious to staining. The above formula is livable luxury at its best!

A primary bedroom suite seems like an idea spot to add touches of luxury. Explain how you would create that high-end hotel feel in a bedroom and continue it into the bathroom.

The primary bedroom is the perfect space to add touches of luxury. Make your bedside table a place of beauty with a personalized coaster, a water kraft or silver bottle holder, and a lamp that has outlets placed in the base to easily plug in devices. To continue this feeling into the bathroom, try adding a small table in front of your tub to hold salts, candles and a glass of your drink of choice. Make your primary space feel like a hotel with the simple pleasures: a fluffy bathrobe on the back of your door, a folded duvet at the end of your bed, and an outlet behind your vanity to plug in hair accessories. These are the small things, but they make all the difference!

Can a small space feel luxurious? If so, how do you achieve that no matter what the size of the room is?

Of course, a small space can feel luxurious! You just need pieces with multi-function, texture, and convenience. One idea is to cover a storage ottoman in washable velvet and fill it with your favorite throws. Another idea is to consider alternatives for the standard table and chairs scenario. Instead, try building a banquette that allows for plenty of seating and hidden storage. You now have a place to eat, work and play.

What can you do to outdoor spaces to give them a boost of luxury?

Outdoor spaces can be equally as luxurious as your interior spaces. Best way to give them a boost of luxury is to:

  1. Add unexpected appliances like a pizza oven, Evo grill or pellet ice machine; makes it feel like you are on vacation all year round.
  2. Consider unique seating, such as a hammock chair or porch swing.
  3. Incorporate a weather resistant rug to your porch or pool house. It always feels great underfoot.
  4. Add a bathroom to your exterior space. It’s a true luxury, but you will never regret the decision.
  5. If in a cooler climate, install a heat source to allow the space to be used all year round.

What’s your overall best tip for creating luxurious spaces?

Add items that make you feel calm and relaxed. Also, creating convenience counts as a luxury, too. It does not have to mean incorporating “fluffy stuff;” it can be installing an appliance, piece of furniture, or a cabinet – anything that makes your life easier.

Tracy Morris Design Photo by Jennifer Hughes