Creating the Perfect Summer Ambience
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Creating the Perfect Summer Ambience


Creating the Perfect Summer Ambience

We are all so happy that summer is here! We are also all so happy that we can now spend some good quality time in our outdoor spaces. We have missed them.

If you are looking to create the perfect mood for your outdoor area, add these few elements to the space:

Lighting for softness.

Whether you choose to scatter about soft tealights, hang lanterns around the space, or spike in some tiki torches (yes, tiki torches), the effect will be great. Soft light works to create a calming and pleasant vibe. Of course, if you prefer to make the area more “fun” – ditch the soft light and use colored shades and bulbs.

Textiles that appeal to the senses.

Again, depending on your style, adding textiles into your outdoor space will help create a mood. For a more peaceful oasis, place neutral colored throw pillows of different fabrics and shapes on your outdoor furniture. To give it some zing, go with bolder colors and patterns.

Water or fire to create interest.

Although placing water and fire elements in your outdoor space isn’t as simple as throwing a throw pillow on a chair, they are well worth it. The sound of water trickling down a small fountain is soothing. While fire pits do promote their own warm feeling. (Pardon the pun…)

Plants and flowers for color and a pleasant, clean aroma.

Plants and wild pops of colorful flowers are a must addition to an outdoor space. The greenness of plants is soothing on the eyes, while the beauty of the flowers lifts the spirits. They also can be placed in nooks and crannies and fill the space.

Flooring for a finished feel.

If possible, add flooring to create a true feeling of outdoor living. By laying down a floor (just make sure that, depending on your weather, it is resistant to the elements) it helps to creates a “room” like feel in your space.

We all look forward to this season and spending time outside. With these few tips, you are well on your way to create your own personal outside oasis…