Celebrating Summer
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Celebrating Summer


Celebrating Summer

If you want to “refresh” your home to have a more summer-y vibe, it is actually quite easy. With a little thought, you can give your spaces that feeling of summer that we all love…

Vibrant Colors

A juicy color palette – think a slice of watermelon or a beautiful sunset over the ocean – can go a long way. By incorporating reds, oranges, and plums throughout your rooms it will set a tone. Add tropical flavored throw pillows, a warm and luscious rug in your living room. Spring for a summer themed set of dishes, glasses, and/or coffee cups. Perhaps placemats. Little bits add to the overall feeling of a room.

Maximalist Junglescape

Bring in plants – lots of them. The easiest way to add splashes of summer are through tropical like plants. For pots, use warm colors or browns and those that are earth toned. Even terracotta makes one think of a summer day in Amalfi.

Lacquered Finishes

A glossy finish reflects light, and in the summer, the sun reflects off nearly everything in its path. Use lacquered finishes to mimic the look. The gloss also provides a sleek look which is a bonus!

Cacti & Palms

Depending on your summer happy place – add a cacti or palm motif. Incorporate both the plants but also housewares that tie in the motif. They both radiate warmth and lend a tropical vibe to your spaces. You will capture that summer feeling throughout the season.