Case Study: Building Trust with Sight-Unseen Buyers
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Case Study: Building Trust with Sight-Unseen Buyers


Case Study: Building Trust with Sight-Unseen Buyers

The John Eric + Trevor Moore Team works with Buyers of various backgrounds, circumstances and requirements.  The same level of their exceptional service accorded sellers extends to buyers.  Their unique perspective, knowledge and experience in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC markets is second to none.  Their knowledge of neighborhoods and commutes, amenities and benefits of different jurisdictions, and their connections with other agents in the area give their buyer clients a leg-up on their home search. 

In this case study, we learn about buyers who performed their home search remotely, and likely would be buying their home sight-unseen.  An unusual circumstance as not every buyer is comfortable buying a home without actually viewing it.  But John and Trevor endeavored to do just that.  They built the relationships and forged a deep alliance and trust, exploring and questioning to grasp an understanding of the clients’ needs and wants to help them find their perfect home.  Building that level of trust takes dedication and a level of expertise that John and Trevor possess – and their confidence is well earned. 

Pam and Larry

Pam and Larry were living in temporary accommodations in California after losing their forever home to a wildfire.  They were referred to John and Trevor by a Compass colleague in California during the covid pandemic in 2021.  After gathering some basic facts, John and Trevor scheduled a call with Pam and Larry immediately. 

Pam’s family is from the mid-Atlantic and she was eager to return to the area.  She and Larry had a timeline from their insurance company regarding their payout and needed to make sure that they were able to use the funds expeditiously.  After the initial consultation, John and Trevor set up a Compass Collection, an interactive online tool which let all parties see homes in the area easily and share thoughts and comments as new homes are added.   It helped Pam and Larry focus their search on Virginia’s horse and wine country west of the more congested parts of Northern Virginia. 

Finding Their Perfect Home

John and Trevor reached out to their network of agents that specialized in the area to inquire if there were any off-market opportunities that might fit their criteria.  Homes came and went on and off the market very quickly during this time.  John and Trevor, making multiple trips to the area (with an extra pair of shoes in the car), made short work of listings available. If something met the criteria, they viewed the property, scheduled the zoom call with Pam and Larry and everyone shared their thoughts.

Educating Clients Pays Off

John and Trevor prepped Pam and Larry on the offer and contract process to facilitate the timeline in a hectic real estate market.  They reviewed the contract in detail ahead of time, going through the addenda so that when it came time to write an offer, Pam and Larry felt confident in their ability to write the perfect offer.  In a multiple offer situation, timing can be key, even to present an offer, and John and Trevor kept Pam and Larry ahead of the curve with their efforts and methodology. 

Finally, John found a home that fit the bill – a large, move-in ready home that was private, remote, and with no trees near the home, one of the prerequisites.  Located in Purcellville, VA, the team scheduled a zoom showing and were sure this was going to be THE HOUSE.  And it was!  The home was located on a knoll.  It had large windows on all sides allowing for spectacular views.  It was hard not to fall in love with this home!  They wrote an offer and it was accepted.  

Client Care

John and Trevor’s service didn’t end with the closing on the home.  Knowing that they lost their home and possessions in the fire and were moving across the country with nothing more than what they could fit in their station wagon, John and Trevor came up with an idea.  When they met Pam and Larry at the home for the walkthrough, they surprised them with a mini household so they could at least live comfortably until they could get their own set up.  Inflatable beds, bedding, dishes, pots, food… it was important to the team that Pam and Larry love their new home and feel comfortable with their decision.  It was the first time they had all met face-to-face and it was like meeting old friends.  They loved the home and immediately started making it their own, making plans to update the bathrooms and laundry rooms, and looking at plans to add a detached garage.